Preparing by practice really does help!

Resources to help you get through the exam with confidence.

Yes, with confidence! The BS 7671 examination is NOT difficult, it’s an open book exam after all, but in order to pass the 17th Edition exam you must be able to use BS 7671 fast enough in order to locate answers to particular questions within the time allotted for completion.

Speed, with accurate answers, can easily be attained with practice and use of available resources. The main resources provided here are computer based tests. This is the kind of test you will need to take on the exam day, so it pays to get some practice in doing as many of these as you can.

Practice Resources

The 17th Edition or ‘The Wiring Regs’ is organised into parts, chapters, sections and regulations.

It is this logical structure on which the practice resources are based. When you take the exam you will be examined on ALL the parts of BS 7671. You will have to answer 60 questions within the time limit of 2 hours. In order to pass and you will need to have about 60% of the questions correct. This means you have 2 minutes for each question which should be plenty of time to understand each question and locate the correct answer in the I.E.T. Wiring Regulations book - so long as you are well prepared.

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Important Info

There are a number of points to note if you wish to get the very best out of using these tutorials.
Important information is included below.

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