• 1 As an electrical apprentice taking your 'regs' exam, this is a fun way to assess your chances of success.
  • 2 As a professional in another discipline you develop your technique in accessing quickly the regulations relevant to your requirements.

A suite of interactive modules specifically designed to help you.

Preparing to be examined on the contents of BS 7671 can be an a hard slog. You may have covered the contents in a variety of ways:

  1. a course at a centre
  2. an online course
  3. study of the book on your own, perhaps with some other resources to help.

The modules here do not seek to replace any of the approaches you have taken to your study of BS 7671. What the modules try to do is to allow you to develop a technique that will help you quickly identify a specific regulation that relates to a specific requirement.

This could arise in many ways; from a response to a question from a past paper to an actual requirement in the design of an electrical installation.

But the approach adopted here is more than just practicing answering questions from past papers from C&G 2382. The modules presented here can be used in a variety of modes to help you and it is hoped to improve this resource based on the feedback received

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Taking the tutorials is just like taking a full 60 question test. But it is NOT the same as a test.

  • There is no time limit to the tutorial
  • The test will only be complete when every question has been answered correctly
  • Incorrect responses will provide a hint
  • Correct reponses will provide helpful, detail.

Timed Tutorial

A timed tutorial is bit like the full tutorial, but it is intended to introduce the pressure incurred by having a time limit in which to complete all the reponses.

  • There is a time limit to the tutorial based on the avaerage time per question on the real test.
  • The test will only be complete when every question has been answered correctly
  • If some questions remain unanswered at the time limit then the test is terminated.

Full Test

A full test is similar to the test that you will take as your real exam.

  • There is a time limit of 120 minutes.
  • There is a pass mark
  • Incorrect responses get no credit
  • No help is given
  • You can send in your response